We always get to chose our destiny

hannibal♥animal crossing♥



what we don’t need:

  1. literally anything else mass effect related
  2. ac five???

what we need:

  1. fallout fucking 4

what we really really really don’t need:
fallout: new vegas 2

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Anonymous asked: japanese food portions are small and expensive right? I'm going there but i'm a big asian-american so will i starve and cry? I eat like a beast yo



I feel like you’re assuming from stereotypes ….
It all depends where you go

Sorry this is like the most bullshit sterotypes. The portions were massive I rarely finished all my food and it was half the price of eating out in london. Just to let people know that! Go to japan and be fat and rich yes



kinda want a boyfriend kinda wanna hook up with a boy kinda wanna never talk to any boys ever

Omfg Me


I found my new favourite Twitter account.

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